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Following Michelle's move from the UK in 2006, where she had owned a successful 'Pilatespace' studio in London for many years, Michelle founded and established the 'Pilatista' Pliates studio in Boliqueime in the Algarve.


Who is Michelle Goyens?

Prior to becoming a full time Pilates teacher, Michelle was a professional dancer with the English National Ballet in London. Michelle’s experience of movement and the demands on physique during her dancing career, has given her teaching a truly unique and intuitive quality. Her precise teaching methods ensure that every client maximizes their full potential of strength and movement ability.

Michelle gained her qualifications as a Pilates teacher, after retiring from her career as a professional dancer at the English National Ballet. Her initial training and qualification was with the ‘Alan Herdman Studio’, Michelle then undertook the highly acclaimed ‘Pilates Foundation’ qualification, broadening her horizon into teaching all members of the population (elderly, athletes, pre- / post-natal, pre- / post-operative etc.). It is here, whilst working for ‘Pilates Off The Square’ a highly successful studio in central London, Michelle worked closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and a Kinesiologist.

As a keen runner and competitor in middle to long distance races, Michelle is involved with ‘Athletes training camps’ in the Algarve with former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton. 

Michelle currently runs a successful fully-equipped Pilates studio, including the following: Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda chair, high and low barrel, Pedi-pole, Electric chair and Guillotine.


Who is Hugo Cecília?

Hugo CECILIA website
I discovered classical pilates through an offer of 2 classes where I was very impressed, interested and above all curious about the training method applied. A year later I had a serious injury (herniated disc) and my rehabilitation was all done using the pilates method without surgery. I fell in love with it all, the difficulties, the continuous learning, but above all the individual overcoming and how the training method works for all people and ages.

With the support of the Pilatista studio in Boliqueime and Uno Pilates - Classical Pilates School in Lagos, I decided to venture into this fantastic and wonderful world that is Contrology through the method created by Mr Joseph Pilates (connection between mind and body).


Improving your golf game


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Post-operative work

Cardio vascular improvement and weight control

Gait work (analysing your walk)

Flexibility work

Working with athletes

(performance enhancing rehabilitation)

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